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Sao Paulo, Brazil's megalopolis, may not be conventionally pretty, but it's a paradise for art lovers. Numerous temporary exhibitions, many of which contain outstanding works by local artists. Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, and urban artists use the canvas as a canvas for a wide range of artistic expression, from street art to sculpture, sculpture to ceramics.

Every day, the Art Museum of Sao Paulo hosts a series of exhibitions that showcase national art in the form of works by artists such as Joao do Amaral, Antonio da Silva and Anita Gomes. The museum also houses an important collection of "Brazilian art" (Brasiliana), which we marvelled at during our visit to the Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro last year.

The Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil is our favourite museum in Sao Paulo, while the CBEAL Centre is one of the best galleries. The Museu de Art (Museum of Brazilian Art) is centrally located on Avenida Paulista and is known for its striking building, which houses a huge collection of ancient and modern art. The Museus de Art designed by Lina Bo Bardi with its thriving gallery community guarantees access to good art in Brazil. On Avenida Paulistas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's central shopping mall and the central location of the city's most important art museum, you will also find a striking building with huge collections of ancient and modern art!

The Sao Paulo Art Museum, founded in 1968, has been located at this address in the city centre for 21 years, but only moved to its current location on Avenida Paulista in the centre of the city in 1968. The square remains open and unobstructed, the main entrance and the galleries of the museum are open to the public.

In recent decades, contemporary art galleries that promote the best of Brazilian and international art have joined this venerable event. Indeed, when London's Frieze Art Fair opens next week, it will showcase a total of 10 galleries in Sao Paulo. The city is also home to the Brazilian Museum of Contemporary Art (MASP), one of the largest and most prestigious art institutions in Brazil. Reading this, you will learn that Sao Paulo is home to many international artists, many of whom exhibit under the MAS P holdings and some of whom also come from the city.

SP - Arte 2018 will continue with a series of exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MASP) in Sao Paulo, and SP-Arte 2019 Under the title "The New World," it brings together a new collection of works by artists from Brazil, the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

Every two years, MAM organizes an event aimed at opening up the Brazilian contemporary art scene to both locals and tourists. Expressing the thriving underground culture of Sao Paulo, reflected in the blossoming of street art throughout the city, Choque Cultural is one of the best places to experience the vibrant heart of Brazil's contemporary art scene and its cultural heritage. Cambuci is a residential area in the south and east of Brazil and houses the largest collection of works of art in Brazil and the largest museum in the world. 200 - 77Located in a chic suburb of Morumbi, this house once belonged to a couple responsible for the development of the area.

The Baro Galeria, a reference for the promotion of Latin American art, is located in the heart of the city and showcases numerous local and Brazilian talents. Every two years, the Brazilian Museum of Contemporary Art (MAM) in Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest museum, displays and disseminates contemporary art created and exhibited by numerous artists from all over the world, but also from Brazil and other countries.

This reflects the high status and importance of Sao Paulo in Brazil, considered one of the most important cities in the world for the promotion of art and culture.

The regional art scene is supported by an established community of collectors in Brazil, with galleries in Sao Paulo serving this community. In fact, the art and cultural scene of Sao Paulo is part of the city's cultural heritage, meaning there is something for everyone to enjoy, be it art, music, literature, art history, architecture or any other art form.

To experience the kind of art that is now in the heart of Sao Paulo, a visit to Choque Cultural is a must for those who experience it today. The Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo, or PinACOTeca as it is commonly known, is a museum of fine arts dedicated to 19th century Brazilian art, located in the center of Ofao Paulo. It houses the world's largest collection of contemporary art in Brazil, MAPAS, and one of Brazil's most popular art galleries.

Located in the heart of the bustling Avenida Paulista, MASP deserves to be considered one of the most important art galleries in Brazil, not only for its collection but also for the quality of its art.

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